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Postpartum Doula

Feel held, confident, nourished and loved in the fourth trimester. Gain confidence to care for your newborn while learning how to integrate daily activities in your new routine.

Postpartum Support

  • No obligation meet and greet

  • Minimum 12 hours of in-person support (split as you see fit)

  • Unlimited support (via text, email, phone) for the fourth trimester

  • Physical Support - what do you want to accomplish physically?

    • Light housekeeping (laundry, dishes, etc.)

    • Meal preparation

    • Newborn care (for when you need a nap or shower)

    • Sibling care

    • Errand running

  • Emotional Support - what do you need emotionally?

    • Moral support as you process your birthing journey

    • Encouragement of your ability as a parent

    • Address any concerns and worries

    • Make sure you are okay

  • Informational Support - what do you need to know?

    • ​Feeding support

    • General newborn health

    • Referrals for professional help as required/needed

    • General newborn care (diapering, baby wearing, bathing, etc.)


$40/hr | $30/hr with birth support​​

"Parents need just as much attention as a newborn, because they too have just been born."

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