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Reiki for Birth

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are wildly energetic. When our energy gets stuck or stagnant we can experience a wide range of symptoms that are uncomfortable and less than desirable. Reiki can move and balance the energy in your body to help you feel your best in your journey providing comfort and ease, and reducing pain, fear and anxiety.



  • trauma (previous birth, loss, sexual abuse, etc.)

  • anxiety

  • nausea/heartburn

  • headaches

  • constipation

  • hemorrhoids

  • sciatica/aches + pains

  • difficulty sleeping

  • edema

  • placenta previa

  • blood pressure

  • breech presentation


  • labor induction

  • stalled labor

  • pain management

  • retained placenta

  • medical interventions

  • cesarean section


  • birth trauma

  • physical recovery

  • depression/emotional health

  • lactation

If you are interested in:

  • supporting yourself through pregnancy challenges

  • pain relief

  • a faster, smoother and easier labor

  • a faster and deeper recovery in postpartum

Don't hesitate to reach out to see how I can help you!

"Reiki works on all levels - mental, emotional, spiritual and physical."

- Sophie Masi

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